112: Training is Key with Don Hahn National Pawn

September 5, 2020

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Hey Pawn Family! It’s been a while, I took a break to spend time with my family.


In this new episode of the Pawn Leaders Podcast, I interviewed Don Hahn, one of the best Training Directors I have ever seen. He’s been in the pawn business for over 40 years and now he is the Director of Training and Personal Development of National Pawn.


In this episode, you will discover:

  • Importance of valuing your team members and how it will affect your pawn operations
  • Tips on how to start training your team
  • Value of customer service
  • How to inspire, form and engage

…And so much more!


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Yigal Adato

Yigal is a 3rd generation pawn broker, and is now a mentor, coach and educator with the pawnbroking industry.

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