64: Security and Balance with Roberto Doering from Eyeson

February 13, 2019

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Yigal Adato: 00:00 He pawn family. What’s up? Welcome back to another episode of the Pawn Leaders Podcast. If you haven’t checked out the new Pawn Leaders website, go to pawnleaders.com a lot of the podcasts episodes are there, there’s blogs there and also the free guide I wrote called the three pillars to a profitable pawnshop is there for free. Just go to pawnleaders.com to check it out. On this episode we are talking about store security as well as life balance and you’ll kind of realize how those two interact in the conversation I have with our guests that I will introduce to you in just a moment. Once again, our sponsor is podium.com, podium.com is doing such an incredible job to help the pawn industry grow. They really are like if people are searching for pawn shops online and they see that palm brokers have 100, 200, 300, 400, 5 star reviews, that means that they’re gonna walk into that shop more and they’re going to shop there and they might get loans there and they might even refer them to their friends. Cause you see your online presence is so important, especially your reviews. It’s basically what’s making business today. It’s really helping out. The pawn shops who’re using podium to grow. So I’ve secured a special discount just for the podcast listeners, go to podium.com/pawnleaders once again, podium.com/pawnleaders to get 10% off of your monthly subscription to podium and what they do, the software that they provide makes your life so much easier in getting those reviews as opposed to just saying, hey, can I please get a review? So check them out. podium.com/pawnleaders. Now on to our guest. Our guest is the CEO of Eyeson, has 20 years of experience in designing and implementing electronic security projects for high risk clients in different areas such as medical marijuana, jewelry, pawnbroking, high end retail and hospitality industries. He holds a degree in international business from Florida International University and a degree in electronics from Fito, F-I-T-O from Brazil. Ladies and gentleman, this is Roberto Doering from Eyeson.


Yigal Adato: 02:15 Hey everyone, my name is Yigal Adato and this is the Pawn Leaders Podcast, a podcast that help you make more money, stress less, and live an epic life all while working at the pawn shop.


Yigal Adato: 02:36 Roberto, welcome to the podcast, my friend.


Roberto Doering: 02:39 Hey Yigal, my pleasure.


Yigal Adato: 02:40 Yeah, we’ve known each other for a long, long time and I’m so happy to have you here because we want to talk about something that’s super important to both of us, I think, which is, you know, how security can bridge a better life balance for the pawnbroker.


Roberto Doering: 02:59 Absolutely. And it’s something that I believe strongly and I had made part of my life too, professionally to make sure that that happens for as many clients and friends as possible.


Yigal Adato: 03:13 Awesome. So let’s get to kind of like your start. How did Eyeson start and how did Eyeson get into the pawn industry?


Roberto Doering: 03:21 Well, I created Eyeson with my partner Raphael back in 2001, we were developing a video management solution, secured solution for jewelers because that’s the market that he knew. And I knew that technology, we got together, we start putting something together and a few years later I think its 2004. I was at the JCK in Vegas, the jewelry show and pawn brokers had stopped by and they found me there and that’s how it all started. From there I met Mr Bruce Harris from the A-OK. He was my first ever pawn broker client and the rest. You guys kind of know. We ended up handing in like hundreds of pawnbrokers over town.


Yigal Adato: 04:08 Awesome. Very, very cool. So you essentially started developing a programs for pawn shops and so there stores can be more secure using your technology.


Roberto Doering: 04:20 Yeah, that’s true. But it’s really not only about security. I strongly believe that a well run operation is a safer operation.


Yigal Adato: 04:32 Awesome.


Roberto Doering: 04:32 So we take the approach of using everything that is in the security technology available to actually help pawn brokers run their pawn shops better. And that brings a level of security that is much higher than just having the cameras and the recordings and thinking that that’s [Incomprehensible] you have to make it a practice part of management.


Yigal Adato: 04:57 Got It. So let’s talk about that really quick. Let’s talk about the security side of it and then we’ll talk about the life balance coming up. So you have a lot of palm brokers in the nation. I’ve gone to visit many of them where either they have like a very, very robust system or they kind of by, you know, a couple of our lows or a couple of nest cameras put them up in that security, now I know.


Roberto Doering: 05:20 [Incomprehensible]


Yigal Adato: 05:20 Yeah, right. I know as a pawn broker, you know, many of us have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in the stores, some ours and some of the clients. And so what do you think are some of the biggest mistakes that pawnshops are making when it comes to security at the moment that’s hindering them from doing more business or just sleeping at night better knowing that their shops are secure.


Roberto Doering: 05:48 The biggest mistakes that I can tell in terms of security and that goes by the fact that I have visited hundreds if not over thousands of pawn shops around the country and that is not even pawnshops. That goes for almost every business. Few mistakes, pawn shops deal with small difficult to control items like jewelry, just like jewelry with one aggravation to this process is that they’re holding jewelry that does not even belong to them. So, poor camera coverage is the first mistake that I see in trying to stick to a lower budget. You end up putting cameras in a position that do not tell the story. Design of assistant is absolutely critical. Knowing how to place candidates sometimes not even about how many megapixels you have. I have seen clients that have like the ultra sophisticated expensive system with cameras that cost them a fortune and they cannot find a piece of jewelry that goes missing when you could have designed something with [Incomprehensible] cost half the price but there are so well placed that you can’t tell the story of what happened. So making security [Incomprehensible] the operations so you can actually tell the story of what happened is absolutely critical. A lot of pawn brokers don’t do that.


Yigal Adato: 07:19 What do you mean? Just really quick, what do you mean when you say not telling the story? Are you talking about if something goes missing where we can kind of go back into the security system and follow, you know where the object went, who kind of took it? Is that what you mean by that?


Roberto Doering: 07:33 Yes. It’s kind of like having that accountability of the process.


Yigal Adato: 07:35 Got you.


Roberto Doering: 07:35 Being able to actually, when I say that the cameras do not tell the story is because it gets to a point that you lose track of things that you have no way of really figuring out what happened. So being able to build that system that is bulletproof in terms of accountability is absolutely critical. That’s the very first priority.


Yigal Adato: 07:58 Love it.


Roberto Doering: 07:58 Second one, people don’t pay attention to the fact that it doesn’t help to see that there’s a problem with the merchandise on the counter at the moment that they’re redeeming an item, they forget that is extremely important to be able to see what that item was taking in to compare. How many clients take advantage of pawn brokers that they say, Hey, I brought three rings. You’re giving it two back. And if their video and you goes back like 30 days or 45 days, but their loans are running for like 60 or 90 you don’t have enough video. So I always design solutions that will normally have two times the life of the loan as we just started. And that’s another critical thing. It’s a little bit more costly, you have to add more hard drives. But those hard drives will pay for themselves easily over the life of the business.


Yigal Adato: 08:56 I know this from experience. You know, when you put it in the systems to our stores, there were multiple times where people tried to switch merchandise on us or they would take the merchandise after redeem and say that we didn’t give it to them, were our employees would make a mistake, you know, they’d give him too much money and then they would walk away with it and we just call them up and say, Hey sir, I’m sure you made a mistake or we made the mistake. We actually have it on video. Can you please come back in and within five minutes the client would come back in, apologize, even if they did it on purpose, but because we had the footage on top of the counter, like you’re stating, we were able to deter a lot of theft from money, a lot of different items being given, like the wrong item being redeemed. And so I couldn’t agree with you more there. So love that one.


Roberto Doering: 09:49 That’s true in and it is a protection for the business, for the clients and especially for the employees, you have to think as an employee, the position of your staff, it’s horrible to be on that situation that is my word against the client’s word. And we all know in business that sometimes if they have a really good client, sometimes you even will let a little bit of something like when you were dealing with the buyer and you give a little bit of extra leak or just to get the person coming, you’ll have the same situation with any business. If you want to keep the relationship, sometimes you have to give a little something. But knowing that why you’re giving a little something instead of just like reimbursing clients for things that they definitely have no reason to receive that, they have no real claim, it’s bad. And then putting the employees in that situation is horrible. So when I travel and I consult with pawnbrokers and I help them see how are the other ways that they can use that video technology, I always say, this it’s an excellent protection for the staff because many of them look at sometimes designs, they have like a number of cameras that is higher than what you normally would do if you just call your local guy, just to do security, cause they have no idea how you run a pawn shop and we understand how the pawn shop is run. So we ended up putting more cameras and I have clients that say, oh, but I’m really concerned about how this is going to be seen by the my staff. And my answer to this is it depends on how you’re going to use it. So knowing how to use that is absolutely critical and it can actually make employees be the number one fans of the video system.


Yigal Adato: 11:39 Yup. Yeah, I agree with you. So, number one we talked about was placement, right? Like kind of like the planet placement system. Number two was camera’s above the pawn counters because that will catch what’s coming in and if an employee gives the wrong amount or the wrong item. Right. What’s another mistake that you think that pawn shops are making?


Roberto Doering: 12:01 Okay, so on those designs, just real quick, you need to understand that when you’re dealing with small items, your body, the employees body, everyone’s body becomes blind spots. Somebody can just turn their back to a camera and walk towards the safe but if the camera is just behind them, they can switch an item. Nobody will know. If a customer has a piece of jewelry and he turns his back to the camera that is on top of the counter, they can do a switch of the piece and you’ll never gonna see it. So the signs of eliminating blind spots becomes a little bit more challenging when you’re dealing with pawn shops and jewelry stores. So that’s one of the things that are critically important.


Yigal Adato: 12:45 Got you.


Roberto Doering: 12:46 Now in my view, the way I work with clients too, and again, this is not only pawn broker that goes for every business. I was just touching on that. The way you use video, how are you going to use your system? I present in seminars. I present in conferences. I travel around the country and internationally talking to clients and you’re going to put all these cameras, you’re going to see everything that, it’s happening in your business. That is not correct. You’re going to [Incomprehensible] mistake. But the real challenge is to catch your employees doing the right thing and show it. When you do that, you completely change the expectation of what the camera’s represent. You actually have employees that are looking forward to be caught doing the right thing and being put on the spot light. And that’s what she needs to do. So I said, you need to make a conscious effort as business operator, as manager, as owner, to find those good examples, get the little snip of the view and [Inaudible] that makes a huge difference.


Yigal Adato: 14:06 I think what you just said is brilliant, because I know as a pawn shop owner, we were always looking for what’s going wrong. Right? Why didn’t they say, [Incomprehensible] soon enough? Why didn’t they give the right amount of change? Why didn’t they write the grams on the envelope, like all these types of stuff. But if you consciously were to say for every wrong, I want to find two rights and show those, like you said, on the morning huddle or the weekly meeting or whatever meetings that you have. And you better be having meetings with your staff. We’ve talked about this before on the podcast [Incomprehensible] the tool that they look forward to using and they enjoy it. I think if you go to YouTube and you put in CashCo Pawn and I forgot we did a video with all of our staff and there was a song out that was very, very popular, I forgot what it’s called, but I’ll put it into the podcast. I’ll put the link into the show notes. And we used the camera system actually, we use the camera system to be able to record, like a dance that our staff did. And when we did that and we put it on Youtube, they were so excited about the camera system that it just became a plus. So it just reminded me of that. So thank you. So the harlem shake, there you go. If you put CashCo Pawn Harlem shake in to Youtube, you’ll see the video that we did using the camera systems.


Roberto Doering: 15:37 [Incomprehensible], in the notes. That will be very cool.


Yigal Adato: 15:42 Oh I love that. So again, pawn brokers listen, when you’re talking about security or cameras systems, I think Roberto is spot on. Make sure that you use it for good as well. As opposed to just for about even with clients, maybe a client does something great outside, you know and he gives money to somebody walking by or just something positive. You can use the system to reward as opposed to just get in trouble.


Roberto Doering: 16:09 Absolutely. And let me just make a [Incomprehensible] cause you come in and of course that you weren’t like saying, in terms of hard numbers, but you were saying, you know, forever every negative, find two positives. In reality, what I see happen, and again, unfortunately, no matter how much we talk about it, it’s a fraction of the actual business owners that end up doing this. But the reality is that it’s a process. In the beginning you might find like 10 wrong things, then you will find one good example. But if you take the time to pick that one, good example is just as just focusing on resolving the 10 wrong things and that’s one good example. You present it to the team. What happened is that next week maybe you’ll have two examples, three examples. Then eventually the, what happens at the end is that over time, you have a staff that is more proactive, works better, have a better attitude, the culture of the business improves and you’ll have a much higher percentage or a much easier time finding the good examples and your number of problems will diminish.


Yigal Adato: 17:18 And one example I just came up with was, you know, if you have a staff member who’s walking into the store and picks up a piece of garbage, right? That’s in the parking lot. Not everybody does that. So if you find them doing that and you show that video at a meeting and you say, Hey, thank you for that, maybe more people will do that and you’ll have a less dirty parking lot. That’s an example. Love it. So Roberto, I love that example and I think that, you know, if you a pawnon broker with a staff, find the good using your system, not just, you know, the people who are trying to rob and steal and break into your shop. I love that. And that’s worth every penny right there for whatever you invest in. Now Roberto, let’s go into kind of talking about technology, right? What type of technologies out there that maybe some people don’t know about that would make a pawn broker’s life easier?


Roberto Doering: 18:12 Well, from my perspective on the video technology are things that I found out and a few other companies can do too, which is where it’s simple, what helps you be able to find the wrong and the good much easier. Like the [Incomprehensible] integration when we’re integrated with the POS is in name this your in multiple industries. You know, time is money management time is money. When the police comes in and needs video from somebody, you have that manager stuffed in the back sometimes looking the video through three hours when you can have that done in five minutes and have the manager back on the floor talking to clients. So integration is the critical thing. The able, again, on my perspective, I’m a huge fan of traffic house, being able to measure business performance based not on how many sales, pawns, loans, buys you make, but actually how many people walk through the door and compare that to the volume of business that you generate. That’s the measure in all industries. Every retailer and financial systems look for those type of measurements and is something that is out there.


Yigal Adato: 19:28 So hold on, I want to stop you there just to clarify that for those of you listening, what a traffic count is, it counts the amount of traffic walking into your store and then you can basically look at how many transactions you wrote that day to see what percentage of people that you’re closing. And that way you can train your staff to sell better, to write better loans. Because if you have, let’s say, 25 people walking through the door and only 12 transactions were written that day, that’s 50% close rate. How can we improve that close rate? And that’s a great number to know. This is how many people walked in. This is what I closed. And that’s what the traffic counter does. Correct?


Roberto Doering: 20:06 Correct. And the question becomes what happened to the other people that were in the store? So then you can actually watch some video and understand what happened with those clients. Where we so busy on the counter that people walked in, took a look, saw the line and left. Where they browsing around the store and notice which is even not only a customer service issue but a huge security issue. So there’s many things that you can look at, moments of low conversion and understand what’s going on both from a business volume perspective but also from a security perspective.


Yigal Adato: 20:43 And the example for the integration, just in case people don’t know what is basically where the software integrates with a POS, like the Pawn POS is out there. So if somebody comes in and says, Hey, I did a transaction a month ago, the transaction numbers 123, you can go back into the system and type transaction 123 and that, you know, five minute click will pop up.


Roberto Doering: 21:07 [Incomprehensible]


Yigal Adato: 21:07 Awesome. As opposed to you having to go back and fast forward and see where the person is and make sure that you got the right video. Cool. Okay.


Roberto Doering: 21:14 Or the police comes and say, Hey, you had a client by the name of John Edwards here last week and I want to see all transactions that he did with the pawn shop. You just plug in John Edwards on the system and you’re being all the video clips of the transaction that John Edwards made.


Yigal Adato: 21:31 Awesome. And obviously-


Roberto Doering: 21:33 That’s a huge speed up crosses of the use of video.


Yigal Adato: 21:37 Yeah. And obviously I believe that all of these types of things save you money. Like they may cost a little bit more in the forefront, but it saves you money. Long run.


Roberto Doering: 21:48 Yeah, absolutely. Now, talking about other technologies that are out there that are interesting too, we’re playing around, for example, with WiFi technology, get to the point of attracting the millennials to the store, the new client base out there. And you know, all they do is through their phone. It’s like with with my young adult kids, I can barely talk to them. I have to text them [Incomprehensible] even sitting in the couch watching a movie and we’re texting each other instead of talking. That’s how our lives became. But these guys walk into the store, they might not one to go and take a number to get in line. There’s some that will be able to just click on their phone and get the appointment or click on their phone and browse through the store and the phone will tell them when it’s time to go to the counter.


Yigal Adato: 22:42 That’s awesome.


Roberto Doering: 22:43 So those technologies are available. Another thing that I think that pawnbrokers and again, I always think, I always put myself in the place of my customers. And I imagine what will I do if I were running this video. If I were here day to day in this pawn shop. A very small fraction of pawn shops around the country have what we call a monitoring service with their burglar alarm company that provides two way audio and provides the ability to do voice [Incomprehensible]. I mean, what pawnbroker has not seen two guys walk into the store and they don’t look good. Then you feel a little bit uneasy. How could it is to actually be able to press a button and have somebody that offsite logs in remotely, look at all the cameras, opens a talk channel and say, Hey, good afternoon. This is [Incomprehensible] security, we’re going to be looking at your place for the next several minutes. How your day today and get a little conversation going with the people on the counter. If those guys are there to do no good, they will find their way back out really fast.


Yigal Adato: 23:58 For sure.


Roberto Doering: 23:58 I wouldn’t never run a pawn shop if I didn’t have that safety by my side of knowing that I can get somebody to look in remotely anytime. And that brings some level of peace of mind for the clients. So, those are other examples.


Yigal Adato: 24:17 So let’s, let’s talk about peace of mind. I think, you know, you have a lot of children. How many kids do you have?


Roberto Doering: 24:23 Just six last time I count.


Yigal Adato: 24:25 Yeah, just six, right. I have two, it’s tough to do [Incomprehensible] Bravo my friend.


Roberto Doering: 24:31 No, no, but listen, I cheated. My wife had two, I had two, we both had divorced, got married again. So we had the Brady bunch and then we had two more, which we called the joint venture [Incomprehensible] that was like 16 and 12, actually 16 and 13 on Friday.


Yigal Adato: 24:47 Nice.


Roberto Doering: 24:49 So yeah.


Yigal Adato: 24:49 You raised six children, right? So let’s kind of talk about how, every time I have a conversation with you, you always say the same thing and we really see eye to eye about how you know, life balance is important and how security of this type can help you with that.


Roberto Doering: 25:07 Correct.


Yigal Adato: 25:08 Kind of walk me through what your belief is and how that can kind of work together with having a better life.


Roberto Doering: 25:17 Okay. I see way too many business people and of course we’re talking about pawnbrokers, but that applies to everyone. Anyone who has like two, three, four stores or sometimes even one larger store to some degree, they become kind of slaves of their own business. I mean, you kind of lose focus of what real life is all about and you kind of lose focus that 30 years from now, you’re not going to be remembering how many days you spend behind the pawn counter but you’re going to be remembering the opportunities that you had to actually be with your family, to have a vacation, to travel to whatever it is that really fulfills you as a person. I mean, if your life is to be behind the counter and help customers all day, more power to you, this is what you can really liked. But I’m sure the most people are not like that. They like to have their time to do other things. And I see way too many business people, way too many pawn brokers not being able to do that. And I’ll use an actual, real example that I had the authorization to talk about, cause it was a quote that I got from our client that almost everybody knows in this industry. Years back on the NPA, I wasn’t one of those cocktail parties and Nikki Shocket, Sam’s wife, Sam Shocket’s wife came to me and said, I’m going to tell you something now, and you can repeat that. You could put it in your marketing and you can use for the rest of your life. I said, well, what is it? What is so important Nikki? She said, you gave my husband back to me.


Yigal Adato: 27:04 Wow. That’s nice. That’s really good.


Roberto Doering: 27:07 That’s right, this to me, it gives me goosebumps because it’s like

fulfilling what I see as the good part of my professional mission in this work is, you know, I wish I could, I develop technologies, I look at software, I look at what I do as means of providing a better and safer life for people, but it’s not only in terms of protecting their assets, but also allowing them to achieve that freedom of being able to do things like this. I mean a [Incomprehensible] those systems may be now almost 15 years ago. And ever since he has done like a international vacations pretty much every single year. And he can see his stores from his iPad and you know, he’s not there, but it’s as if he were. And they got to enjoy life. So that’s absolutely critical to me. And it goes to the most simple things. Like for example, I coach soccer with my son. I coach soccer for the past 18 years. Despite all my traveling and going around the places, I’m always finding a way to be back here for the coach practices and to do that Saturday morning game. You know, that kind of, and I know that a lot of people there wish they could do that and they don’t do it. But if you build up on your technology to be able to be at that game, which are son watching or daughter watching them play or even coaching them. And at the same time you have the little alerts coming in. Eventually you can take a look at the business and make a phone call and resulting, you know, family can understand the need for a phone call, but family cannot replace the fact that you’re simply not there.


Yigal Adato: 28:54 When we opened up the pawn shop with Morris, we went with a great security system like yours. And it’s just because of that. So many times I see Roberto, pawnbrokers who think that they’re entrepreneurs, but the truth is, and this might sting some people, is that they’re just building a job. They’re not building a business. If you’re building a job where you can’t leave, where you don’t trust people, where you’re always fearful and anxious you built a job for yourself. That’s it. That’s all you’ve done. You haven’t built a business for yourself. You built a job. Building a business is where you can build it to the point where you can walk away from it three, four, five, six, seven days. And that takes time. I understand it. Right. And Go and enjoy a vacation or at least half a day with your family.


Roberto Doering: 29:45 Absolutely.


Yigal Adato: 29:46 You know, my grandfather was the first palm broker in our family. He worked seven days a week, 14 hours a day till like 85 years old because he never trusted anybody so he couldn’t leave the counter. And so if you can’t trust people, at least invest in the system that will help you monitor it so that you can be with your family. Because I know this, your kids don’t care. They just want dad home. I [Incomprehensible], like you said, to go play soccer. They don’t care what car you drive, what watch you wear, they want you to be home and they’re not going to understand, well I’m building a business son or building a business daughter and I’ll be there later. You’ve got to build it from now, starting now with the systems and procedures in place so that you can enjoy today and for tomorrow.


Roberto Doering: 30:39 Yeah. Because those years don’t come back. How many decisions I have made in my life that cost me professionally, financially, many times, both of my wife and me, you know, and, and we have made those decisions because guess what there’s no more important job in my life than being a dad and a husband. Those are my first two jobs then comes eyes on and what I do professionally consulting or not. And I’m not saying that you should lax and not work, but you need to work smarter. You need to understand that you are behind the counter a certain number of hours a day, a week, a month to actually have the off time as well.


Yigal Adato: 31:32 You know I remember vividly my father getting calls from the security system or the alarm system saying, hey, you know, we tripped the alarm and he’d go drive to the store. And I just saw a post by somebody on Facebook who said the same thing or I didn’t sleep well last night, alarm trip twice and I had to go check out the store. Well, man, that lack of why like 2019. Right? And if you’ve got inventory sitting there melt the gold, you know, close out some of the hard goods and invest in a better system so that you can sleep at night so that your significant other can sleep at night cause they’re waking up as well. And then you just get to work and you’re not as focused. So please pawnbrokers for me it’s so important to invest in the systems aid that you can afford obviously. And there’s great financing options. Like we couldn’t afford this system back when we went with Roberto back in the day, I remember this perfectly. And we went through a financing company, we got to finance and we paid a percentage and a lot of pawnbrokers like what pay percentage [Inaudible] money on charging interest. Right? But, so make the investment and just up to security, that way you can sleep at night. So,


Roberto Doering: 32:52 And that’s another excellent point. And a lot of pawn brokers are so averse to releasing anything, for example, or getting some finance and they’re not actually seeing the real numbers behind it because you’re actually paying six, seven, eight, 9% a year for a finance of something that can allow you to continue putting money on the streets that will be earning a much higher interest rate.


Yigal Adato: 33:22 40% plus a year.


Roberto Doering: 33:24 So I mean, why not do it yet unless you’re sitting on like a huge amount of gas reserves. Of course nobody wants to pay if it’s not necessary, but also underperforming your business because you don’t want to pay like, you know, 7% a year, it’s a huge mistake.


Yigal Adato: 33:49 Yeah. So pawnbrokers listen up. That’s a difference in Pawn Leaders and why I created Pawn Leaders and Roberto and I have been speaking for years about this. It’s not just about creating a job for yourself. It’s not about opening up a pawn shop and sitting there 14 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s about building an incredible business so that you can go enjoy life. You know, we’re in such, this business is so incredible. It really, really is. Yes, it costs a lot of cash at the onset, but we’re making a recurring revenue which a lot of industries don’t make and so let’s build this businesses together so you can enjoy your family. And so Roberto, thank you so much for taking the time to be on the podcast, my friend.


Roberto Doering: 34:30 Thank you.


Yigal Adato: 34:30 I’m sure people will see you at at some of the conventions out there, but if not, where they can find you?


Roberto Doering: 34:37 They can find me, [Incomprehensible] right on my cell phone. All my clients have my cell phone.


Yigal Adato: 34:44 Nice.


Roberto Doering: 34:44 Just call me at (305) 281-4946 or just send an email to robertoeyeson.biz or sales.eyeson.biz and [Incomprehensible] answer. They, they will find me.


Yigal Adato: 34:57 Yeah, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions. You know, that’s the most important thing.


Roberto Doering: 35:02 That is another thing. I’m always available for things like this and my team our market involved on the chat out there. We’re available resource. I mean, I help clients that are not my clients. It doesn’t matter. We were committed to helping.


Speaker 1: 35:22 Awesome. Roberto, once again, thank you so much. Pawnbrokers who are listening, if you haven’t joined this in the podcast community, go to facebook.com and just search in the top bar Pawn Leaders Podcast Community. Also, if you’re ready to get out of just building job and build a real business, a real pawn business, go to pawnleaders.com and go ahead schedule a call with me. It’s a 30 minute free strategy call where I’ll help you any way I can and hopefully have you join us [Incomprehensible]. So thank you guys for listening today and look out for the next podcast. Roberto thanks again.


Roberto Doering: 35:56 Thank you.


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Yigal Adato

Yigal is a 3rd generation pawn broker, and is now a mentor, coach and educator with the pawnbroking industry.

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