66: Wake Up and Serve with Chad Carter and Julie Murray

March 27, 2019

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Yigal Adato: 00:00 Hey Pawn family, it’s Yigal and welcome back to another episode of the Pawn Leaders Podcast. I’m super stoked because I’m back from the Dixie Pawn Convention or as Nick [Incomrpehensible] will call it the Dixie. It was such a great time. If you’re not following the Pawn Leaders page on Facebook, I did like 15 to 20 live feeds, interviews with people, pawn brokers, vendors, you name it. We had such a great time. It’s really a great show. The destination pretty to beach resort was beautiful and we really learned a lot and connected with other pawn brokers and it was just a great time. So for this episode, I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’ve got two people who I interviewed live on Facebook who are going to be on this podcast today. The first one is Chad Carter, the owner of Chad’s pawn shop, and he’s been in the business for, you know, 30 plus years, has seven stores, president of the Louisiana Pawnbrokers Association or past President of the Louisiana pawnbrokers association. And the other guest is Julie Murray from Jane Kate Jewelry and Loan. And she just opened up a shop after being in the business, I think it was 20 plus years. She just opened up her shop three years ago. And both of these two people are optimistic, they’re happy, enthusiastic and were some of the best interviews I’ve done. So I want to share those with you. If you didn’t watch those, this is your chance to watch those. And also just to mention this week, I got to hang out with my friends from podium and it was incredible because I actually saw live people signing up for podium. I was watching them show people how to use podium and the difference it makes in their business and day in and day out. I always tell people, you gotta use podium, go to podium.com/pawnleaders to get your discount on your monthly subscription fee to be able to contact your clients through messaging, through your website as well as get an amazing amount of Google reviews. Like they really help you get so many Google reviews and we all know that more Google reviews, more people walk in your store. So stay tuned and check out this episode with Chad and Julie, two incredible pawn brokers from the Dixie Pawn Convention.


Yigal Adato: 02:15 Hey everyone, my name is Yigal Adato and this is the Pawn Leaders Podcast, a podcast that help you make more money, stress less, and live an epic life all while working at the pawn shop.


Yigal Adato: 02:34 Hey pawn family, welcome back to another Facebook live here from the Dixie convention with me I have Chad from Chad’s pawnshop welcome to the show.


Chad Carter: 02:41 Yeah, thank you for having me.


Yigal Adato: 02:43 We met last night and you have how many stores?


Chad Carter: 02:47 I have seven stores.


Yigal Adato: 02:48 Seven shops.


Chad Carter: 02:48 Seven shops and I guess about 45 employees right now, 46.


Yigal Adato: 02:53 Awesome. How long you have you guys been in business?


Chad Carter: 02:55 Chad’s Pawn shop has been in business in Louisiana now for 26 years. I’ve been doing it for 37 years, believe it or not, but, from Houston to New Orleans and all in between.


Yigal Adato: 03:09 So what was it called Chad before you owned it?


Chad Carter: 03:13 Now, actually 18 years old. I opened my first shop on Nasa Road One in Houston. And, Easy Pawn end up scooping me up and I fell in Louisiana and I loved it down there, I met my wife and been there ever since.


Yigal Adato: 03:33 And then went from one to two to three to four.


Chad Carter: 03:35 Yeah. And I love the business, you know, I love working with people and helping people. So, that’s our motto in our stores, if, you know, if you wake up and want to help somebody, you can work for me.


Yigal Adato: 03:48 Oh, nice. I love that.


Chad Carter: 03:48 I work with us I should say. And but anyway, with the real [Incomprehensible], we love to loan money and help people.


Yigal Adato: 03:57 Awesome. You have a great culture.


Chad Carter: 03:58 We do, we do.


Yigal Adato: 04:00 [Crosstalk] culture there?


Chad Carter: 04:01 Yeah, yeah. We do all these guys, we have their pros, Chad’s pros, you know, so we teach it a little different. I mean, we think we’re good at what we do.


Yigal Adato: 04:12 Seems like it.
Chad Carter: 04:12 We try hard and I definitely enjoy working with my guys and you know, they inspire me to get up every day and so that’s what we do. And I brought a bunch of them with me to the show and I love to appreciate them and they love their jobs.


Yigal Adato: 04:30 So let me ask you this quick question. Went from one store to seven shops. What do you think? Give me like, one, looking back, if you would change something and two, the second part of that is what made that successful? What Made Chad successful?


Chad Carter: 04:44 Well, so if I was going to change anything, that’s a good question.


Yigal Adato: 04:52 If you’ve got one person who’s watching this, who’s got one shop, who wants to go to two, what shouldn’t they do?


Chad Carter: 05:00 Okay. Okay. You know don’t be scared of your talent. You know, if you have the talent and you can get the finance, you know, trust your talent, usually a single store operator, if they’re successful, they have tools, you know, they can get it done. Don’t be scared of that next step. Cause after number two, after the second one, the third one’s easy and the fourth one’s easier. And so there are definitely that second step is a, that’s a tough spot. I mean, I can remember being pretty spooked in, I’ll never forget I asked a CPA financial advisor I was working with and told him this big deal, you know, that’s come up and I had my chance for a second store and he’s like, you’re the dumbest smart guy I ever met. I was like, what does that mean? He said, you’re telling me that you know everything about what we’re doing. We’ve got the financing, but just telling me you’re scared or what? Yeah, so picked up the phone and call the guy about the store. And believe it or not, it’s my best store I have today was that second store. And so now they’re easier to do and we can predict a little better now. And so we know what we’re looking for and talent’s everything.


Yigal Adato: 06:17 Yeah. It sounds like you obviously are looking for the best type of talent.


Chad Carter: 06:22 You got to be a good person. And then what we teach, you know, buying a lawn mower. I mean, we can all learn how to do that, but to teach people how to appreciate people.


Yigal Adato: 06:34 I love that. Like what you just said about if you wake up wanting to help people, then you can work for me because there’s different types of people out there.


Chad Carter: 06:41 Oh yeah.


Yigal Adato: 06:42 Some who liked to help. And some who just want to be behind a desk, punching keys and that’s okay. How do you find those who want to help others?


Chad Carter: 06:52 So if I could change anything I’d love to be able to, I wish I was better at finding those people because if I do get to run into them and we do get to share together, man, it’s pretty magical, you know? We get to help people together and appreciate what we do, but it is so hard to find them. And when I do find them I do keep them. I mean, I have some 15 year guys.


Yigal Adato: 07:23 Incredible.


Chad Carter: 07:24 And I’d do just about anything, keep them and not scared to tell them that, you know? So yeah, I think that is a, that would be the story of why we’re successful.


Yigal Adato: 07:37 I love that. And so if you’re a pawn broker who’s got one shop, I think you’re never, it’s never too soon to start building a great culture and finding the right people. Because I agree when my brother and I, we had a small little shop, we found the right people, we kept the right people and they were like, second store, let’s do this. We were afraid [Incomprehensible] some fear, but we had the backing, we had the support of the team and our family. And it made it that much easier to get over that fear.


Chad Carter: 08:04 There’s a lot of, you know, success [Incomprehensible] not dollars, it’s people waking up wanting to come to work. You know, and I picked up a few guys here lately and guys and girls, you know, but picked up a few talented people that, the word’s getting out that we’re not so bad to work for. And I’m really proud of that, you know, I mean, I picked up about 25 year gap from Cash America the other day and that’s hard to do. I mean, he got to change careers to work with me, so, that means I’m going to stay in the saddle and we’re going to continue to do it.


Yigal Adato: 08:45 You’re doing something right.


Chad Carter: 08:46 Yeah, man, yes, I think we are, we’re pretty proud of it.


Yigal Adato: 08:52 And so what do you think is happening in the pawn industry? You here at the Dixie show, obviously you come to the shows.


Chad Carter: 08:58 Yeah, I go to the shows and I do the national and I’ve been on the board, while I’m on the board of the national and the Louisiana.


Yigal Adato: 09:07 You’re the president’s correct?


Chad Carter: 09:08 That is correct. Just stepped down for that. But the pawn business is changing and the pawnbrokers are notable for change. I mean, we had, I mean, you remember when we were buying big screen, you know, they were 50 inch plasma was three grand. Now they’re 300 bucks. So we just have to learn how to adapt and we do, gold at 2000 gold at 200 we’re going to make it work. And to me, our business is so awesome because we control our cost of goods when you’re selling it. Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 09:44 Well said. That’s Like, I’ve done a lot of podcasts and nobody’s said that like, you control the costs. Tell me more about that.


Chad Carter: 09:49 And that’s how what makes us so unique. If you stay on top of your game and you communicate well with the rest of your team, I mean, you can keep yourself out of trouble and you can always keep your costs of goods, in other way you don’t fall apart and get hung up and stuff. But anyway, controlling your cost of goods to me, we’re the only guys who get to do that.


Yigal Adato: 10:15 That’s amazing.


Chad Carter: 10:15 Yeah. I mean, and that’s a huge benefit, especially if you’re on your game.


Yigal Adato: 10:21 I think one of the biggest difference is between pawn brokers who can make change in the future and now is that to see things in line like you do, a lot of people are like, Oh, you know, gold went down. Oh, you know, a TV is now only $300 but you seeing in a positive light.


Chad Carter: 10:38 Oh yeah.


Yigal Adato: 10:39 And you’re saying how we control the cost of goods, we can control our business when a lot of people can’t.


Chad Carter: 10:44 Right.


Yigal Adato: 10:44 So I think that that’s a great lesson that you just said to the other pawn broker out there, I appreciate that.


Chad Carter: 10:48 Yeah. I still believe that. And you know, we’re talking about controlling cost of goods right now or working with change, you know CVDs


Yigal Adato: 10:57 Yep, 100%


Chad Carter: 10:57 [Incomrpehesnible] into the market. So instead of, I’m trying not to be spooked of them. I’m definitely aware of them, but I’m going to try to figure out how to make money with it. Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 11:08 Yeah. And like, it’s all about learning. Right. You got to train and to learn what’s happening. And then when you’re well trained and you have the knowledge then the few kind of slips away.


Chad Carter: 11:19 Well Yeah, I’m going to figure out how to make money, that’s what I’m going to do. So, I mean we’re going to still enjoy the natural diamond. That’s what we do, but the CBD, I don’t know, maybe it makes it affordable for people that couldn’t buy them. So I may have a new market there. So I’m going to go after it.


Yigal Adato: 11:39 Very cool. So I think like again, we met last night, the positivity is awesome. I think that a lot of people in the pawn industry, I got to go visit a lot of shops, you know, one of the rules in my family, cause we’re all pawn brokers, i’m third generation and was if you’re going to go on vacation you have to at least go to a pawn shop.


Chad Carter: 11:58 Sure.


Yigal Adato: 11:58 And you have to, no I have to take a picture to show it to the other family member. Right. So, I go to a lot of pawn shops, a lot of the shops, people would be angry beyond the counter and the service wasn’t there and you didn’t feel like they were grateful for having what they had. But I know the sensibility in being grateful for what we had because businesses are going out of business essentially all the time. And with what you just said, again, controlling our cost of goods, like a lot of people don’t realize how important that is.


Chad Carter: 12:31 Which is so fortunate to be in that. And my guys, everybody understands it. You know, that worked for us now is that, you know, like everything has value. Yeah. And saying no is just wasting time, you know. You can’t do that. People are wasting shoe leather to get in there to see you smiling and being nice and having a clean store that’s easy. And yeah, I love our business and it makes it easy for us to do. So, I think that’s it.


Yigal Adato: 13:06 Let’s quickly talk about, you are the president of Louisiana Pawnbroker’s Association, your part of the MPA, a lot of pawn brokers aren’t part of an association. How important is that? Obviously you were the presidents, so it’s important to you, but what has it done for Louisiana having the association?


Chad Carter: 13:23 You know that’s a great question. Being part of the association, the Louisiana Pawnbrokers they have a nice strong core and they work together well and we’re a family unit. You know, we eat dinner together. I mean we’re close, but we do go to the state and we defend our right to do what we do. And by having a voice and showing your cards all the time, people know who you are and there’s a phone number for them to call if they have a question. But being part of an association to have your legal team behind you and have-


Yigal Adato: 14:06 A lobbyist and,


Chad Carter: 14:07 Yeah, it has to be there cause unfortunately people like to attack our rights, but that’s okay. Every time they do, we get to enlighten them about what we’re really doing. So every time somebody tries to pull us down, it actually turns out to be a good thing. So we can actually reeducate them. So being a part of association, if you’re not one, you need to be one.


Yigal Adato: 14:30 Yeah. So you heard it from Chad. And also if you don’t have an association, like I know Utah is having problems right now, Arizona was having some problems right now, different states who don’t have associations are having issues. Like we’re a family. That’s why I call it the pawn family. Bind together, get together, put your differences of competition aside for a moment and think about your future and either join an association, call up the NPA for help, build an association. I’m sure like ex presidents would help out by saying, hey, these are the things what not to do and things to do when you build an association. So yeah, get it done.


Chad Carter: 15:08 I wish, I hope anybody that’s listening out, they ever have any questions would definitely contact us. I mean, we would share with anybody every time a state gets organized, it’s only better for the big team. So, yeah, I’m all in for helping out with that.


Yigal Adato: 15:25 Awesome.


Chad Carter: 15:25 Yeah, anytime.


Yigal Adato: 15:26 Chad it’s been a pleasure and an honor. Thanks for taking the time to be on the show and I hope to come out to Louisiana soon and come visit you guys.


Chad Carter: 15:33 Well, we love your show.


Yigal Adato: 15:36 Thank you


Chad Carter: 15:36 And what you’re doing is admirable. I love watching your podcast.


Yigal Adato: 15:42 Thank you. Appreciate it.


Chad Carter: 15:42 Thanks for doing it. And Yeah, pleasure.


Yigal Adato: 15:44 My Pleasure. It’s an incredible show.


Chad Carter: 15:46 All right.


Yigal Adato: 15:47 Talk to you soon.


Chad Carter: 15:47 All right.


Yigal Adato:15:49 All right, so you just heard my interview with Chad Carter from Chad’s pawnshop and before we go into my interview with Julie Murray, I want to let you guys know about something special I have going on, which is the Pawn Leaders Masterclass. Go to the pawnleadersmasterclass.com. That’s pawnleadersmasterclass.com to take the masterclass where I show you everything I know about leadership, marketing and strategy in order to make more stress less and live that epic life. Whatever you learn in that course, I guarantee you that your business is going to grow, your leadership is going to grow, and you’re going to know more about numbers than you’ve ever known before. So jump on the waiting list as I’m opening this to a small group of people. Go to pawnleadersmasterclass.com to check it out. And now for my interview with Julie Murray from J&K Jewelry and Loan. Hey pawn family, welcome back to the Facebook live here with Yigal, Myself from the Dixie convention. I’m here with Julie. How’s it going?


Julie Murray: 16:41 Yes, perfect.


Julie Murray: 16:42 Where are you from Julie? I’m from New Orleans.


Yigal Adato: 16:44 New Orleans. Awesome. Very cool.


Julie Murray: 16:47 Absolutely.


Yigal Adato: 16:47 So I’ve been to New Orleans.


Julie Murray: 16:49 Have you?


Yigal Adato: 16:49 New Orleans, my apology.


Julie Murray: 16:52 That’s alright, that’s alright. [Incomprehensible] has the wrong way of saying their own lingo, you know.


Yigal Adato: 16:54 Tell me how long have you been in the pawn business?


Julie Murray: 16:55 35 years.


Yigal Adato: 16:56 35 years. So first generation? Second generation?


Julie Murray: 17:01 First generation. I worked for a major pawnshop in New Orleans for 21 years and then three and a half years ago, I opened my own.


Yigal Adato: 17:10 Nice. So three and a half years ago, you opened your own.


Julie Murray: 17:13 Yes.


Yigal Adato: 17:13 And how’s it going so far?


Julie Murray: 17:14 Phenomenal.


Yigal Adato: 17:16 Awesome.


Julie Murray: 17:16 You know you never, it’s the old saying, you never, never, never know what’s gonna walk through that door.


Yigal Adato: 17:21 And you seem like you have an incredible personality.


Julie Murray: 17:24 Yeah, that’s not the first time I heard that.


Yigal Adato: 17:26 So, I’m sure the customers love you and you guys laugh together.


Julie Murray: 17:29 Yeah, I give them suckers and you would be surprised how far a blow pop will get you.


Yigal Adato: 17:33 [Incomprehensible] that was at CashCo 15 years ago we started giving lollipops, suckers.


Julie Murray: 17:40 Yeah, yeah. Even to adults.


Yigal Adato: 17:41 You can’t but not smile when you’re having candy [Crosstalk].


Julie Murray: 17:44 Yeah, I’m like, you want to suck? All theirAnd they go, can I have a sucker? I’m like, yeah, can my kid get one too?


Yigal Adato: 17:49 With pleasure. Then we have to got to take the bag away because it grabbed like five or six of them.


Julie Murray: 17:53 I used to leave it on the counter. I’m like, I didn’t mean to feed you. When you’re going to get some chocolate? I’m like, I’m not going to feed you.


Yigal Adato: 18:02 [Incomprehensible] sucker


Julie Murray: 18:04 That’s right. They are not for the whole family.


Yigal Adato: 18:06 So how big is your shop?


Julie Murray: 18:07 3,500 square feet of loveliness.


Yigal Adato: 18:11 Either way, it’s incredible to me because you’ve been in the business for so long. You’re a new owner operator and there’s so much excitement in your voice and,


Julie Murray: 18:20 Oh, yeah. Well, you know I love life and I don’t work a day in my life. Like somebody said it yesterday, I was at one of the state meetings and they said, you know, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That is me. Like I love what I do when I work for someone.


Yigal Adato: 18:34 That’s amazing.


Julie Murray: 18:35 Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 18:35 So you’ve been, obviously the three and half years you’ve had some success.


Julie Murray: 18:38 Yes.


Yigal Adato: 18:38 What do you think you’ve done right that you can share with other people who are watching that if you’ve had success in that short period of time?


Julie Murray: 18:46 I like to have a niche. Like, I like things to be different, I’ll buy anything if I think I can sell it. I’ll give you a real short thing. A friend of mine, a friend of a friend came to me one day and said, you know, my wife’s got all this Betty boop stuff. I don’t know what to do with it, before I could get it out of my car. I was selling it. Awesome. Pull it up in the parking lot. I had a display and I put it on Facebook. Oh my gosh. I put it all on these tables like this and displayed it with tablecloths and oh, it was big. I got a big statue, 5 foot tall and they put-


Yigal Adato: 19:21 5 foot tall?


Julie Murray: 19:23 Oh, yeah. And they put me in the Saint Bernard magazine. And my shop is just different. Pawn shops are, I believe that they come a long way. You know, the 80s it was like, [Grunt] in a pawn shop, you know, now it’s like, Woo, it’s my first time in here. I’m like, thank you for coming you know. I have pillows that line my entire show floor. It’s a soft sealant. So when I first opened in 2015 at the end, I sat there one night drinking a glass of wine, wondering how I was going to close up because all the heat from the back was coming to the front and I brought pillows and I got on Facebook and I asked everybody and I got signed pillows. So they go, can I buy that pillow right there? I’m like, no.


Yigal Adato: 20:04 Yeah, that’s mine [Incomprehensible]


Julie Murray: 20:07 And it’s just different, my showcases are handmade, and they’re not gorgeous but they’re different.


Yigal Adato: 20:15 They’re hand made?


Julie Murray: 20:15 Yeah. I had them each individually made. My shop is really cool.


Yigal Adato: 20:19 So I love two things about you already. We met yesterday, I was taking some pictures for you.


Julie Murray: 20:23 Yes.


Yigal Adato: 20:24 And 1 is personality.


Julie Murray: 20:26 Thank you.


Yigal Adato: 20:26 And I think that the pawn brokers need to understand that on Facebook, on social media, on commercials you’ve got to show your personality.


Julie Murray: 20:33 Yeah. You know what it takes for someone of status to walk into a pawn shop that needs money. Like they come in with sunglasses on, you know, so I just invite them in wholeheartedly.


Yigal Adato: 20:46 It’s amazing. Like to your house [Incomprehensible] welcome in
Julie Murray: 20:49 Absolutely. You want something to drink, you know, you use the bathroom, you know, I got this, they cry to me.


Yigal Adato: 20:54 You’d be like a good shoulder to cry on.


Julie Murray: 20:57 Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 20:57 I’m guessing.


Julie Murray: 20:58 Yeah, and I offer some, you know, it’s funny sometimes I can’t take my own advice, but you know,

sometimes I step up to the plate and make a difference. That’s what I want to do in life. I want to make a difference.


Yigal Adato: 21:06 That’s beautiful.


Julie Murray: 21:07 Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 21:07 That’s so incredible.


Julie Murray: 21:08 Yeah.


Yigal Adato: 21:08 And also like you opened a shop in 2015. So a lot of people are saying, oh, the business isn’t the same, gold pricing, but you’re like 2015 whatever. Let’s open a pawn shop.


Julie Murray: 21:17 Yeah. Well, I had to make a move where I was because of circumstance, because I would still be working there if things were the same. However, you know, nothing ever stays the same. But yeah. You just gotta be consistent.


Yigal Adato: 21:29 Was it a culture issue?


Julie Murray: 21:32 No, the owner passed away.


Yigal Adato: 21:34 Oh, gotcha. Alright. Understood. So, you opened a shop in 2015 and you’re rocketed. And so for those of you who are [Incomprehensible] here thinking and listening to this like, oh, man it’s not the same thing. How could I open up another shop, you put up a shop in 2015. That was courageous.


Julie Murray: 21:52 Oh, yeah.


Yigal Adato: 21:52 I commend you on that.


Julie Murray: 21:53 Thank you.


Yigal Adato: 21:54 Amazing. And so what’s the future? What it be Look like?


Julie Murray: 21:58 I would like to open up another one, in time. I’m the type of person that waits for some things to come to me.


Yigal Adato: 22:05 Got It.


Julie Murray: 22:05 You know, that because it’s a big decision.


Yigal Adato: 22:09 100% going from going from an employee, right, to owning your own shop is a big decision. Love it. Incredible.


Julie Murray: 22:18 It was great, man. It was a ride. I thank God every day for the ride of my life. Trust me.


Yigal Adato: 22:22 I think just like the smile on your face says it all. I see you love life.


Julie Murray: 22:25 I do.


Yigal Adato: 22:25 I feel like a lot of times pawn brokers forget that we are blessed.


Julie Murray: 22:28 Yes. And they forget their place. You know, sometimes we forget. We

forget what we do. We loan money. You know, real quick. I wanted, when I was young, when I was six, seven, eight years old, I wanted to have seven kids and I want to be a nurse because I like what they’re [Inaudible] the doctor help people. Yeah. I never did think I was smart enough to apply myself to answer all the questions and take all the test. But in essence, I did do help people. I don’t have seven kids. I got one [incomprehensible].


Yigal Adato: 23:06 I got 2, 7 kind a bit crazy.


Julie Murray: 23:06 Yeah, but you just, how you love changes, you know? I do help people and sometimes we forget that being owner of business, I own, I operate, I write the checks. The only thing I don’t do is do my taxes. I am 100% on cue. You know, and I love it. Everybody goes, Oh, you need pay somebody to do that. No, I don’t. I’m I capable of doing it myself. And I love it, you know.


Yigal Adato: 23:32 [Incomprehensible] you can make mistakes and people still come back, but understand something like as in the pawn business, I’m going to tell you, I don’t know if you know about me, but I had my own shop for 16 years.


Julie Murray: 23:41 Wow.


Yigal Adato: 23:42 With my brother. Third generation pawnbroker.


Julie Murray: 23:44 Perfect


Yigal Adato: 23:44 Left the business and for the first two years I was depressed because I sat in an office.


Julie Murray: 23:49 Oh, oh gosh.


Yigal Adato: 23:51 With my self. Can you imagine yourself in cubicle?


Julie Murray: 23:52 No.


Yigal Adato: 23:52 Okay. So that’s what I do for two years.


Julie Murray: 23:54 For a little while, just like 10 minutes or so, then I got to go.


Yigal Adato: 23:57 And so like when you’re surrounded by so many people, it’s really great people and you’re helping people and you get out of that. It’s very stressful. And I think that like if you know how to operate a business and you have a smile on your face every day cause you’re grateful, then life is great.


Julie Murray: 24:12 Absolutely. And you learn, I learn every day. It’s so important. I try to

learn something every day. It’s sometimes 10 or 15 things I learned, you know, coming here, I learned a lot. I talk to a lot of people. I learned a lot. I made a lot of friends like, oh my God, everybody was so welcoming to me. You know? And of course my personality will bring. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause I say the thing that people are afraid to are what they think, you know.


Yigal Adato: 24:39 It’s your first year here?


Julie Murray: 24:40 Yes.


Yigal Adato: 24:40 Oh, this is your first year at Dixie?


Julie Murray: 24:41 Yes.


Yigal Adato: 24:42 How’s it been so far?


Julie Murray: 24:42 Great.


Yigal Adato: 24:43 Awesome.


Julie Murray: 24:43 It’s been great. It’s a world of information and everybody’s willing to

give you information. You know, nobody’s jealous. They got insurance people, they got four or five of them, they all welcome you. It’s really, really a great experience. And I used to come to things like this when I worked.


Yigal Adato: 25:00 Okay. Gotcha.


Julie Murray: 25:01 For the other pawn shop but being an owner of my own business.


Yigal Adato: 25:04 Different story.


Julie Murray: 25:06 Totally different, totally.


Yigal Adato: 25:08 Awesome. This has been amazing. Thank you so much for being on the Facebook live.


Julie Murray: 25:11 Thank you. Yeah, Facebook is awesome. Come to the Dixie show man. You’ll love it.


Yigal Adato: 25:16 Yeah. [Incomprehensible]. So check out the Dixie show next year. I know that [Incomprehensible] to go before I’m out of here. So I got to catch a plane, but that’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much.



Julie Murray: 25:28 No, Thank you.


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Yigal Adato

Yigal is a 3rd generation pawn broker, and is now a mentor, coach and educator with the pawnbroking industry.

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