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Created specifically for pawnbrokers, the Power Up Pawn is the first and only online conference which offers you a full rundown of what it takes to level up and upscale your pawn operations.


We’ve gathered 21+ experts from inside and outside the pawn industry to share their knowledge and expertise with you on this exciting subject!

I loved it, seriously. Like I said, I was really in a position before the class of loving my job but what I was putting in was definitely not worth what I was getting back. But now, I feel like I not only learned a TON, but I have skills and connections to not only put success on the map, but strengthen my team as well. I'd LOVE to have my own shop someday, I wasn't so sure before the course. I have the the confidence to run my own store and to develop a team who can work for me AND with me.


Anastasia Harrison

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